Preventing Workplace Violence

Most people think of unsafe conditions or practices as the only cause of health and safety hazards in the workplace. However, safety and health hazards can be caused by much more common places, such as from other people. In recent years, more and more employees and supervisors have fallen victim to violent acts from others Read More >>

Covered California Basics

Regardless of your health status, health insurance is incredibly beneficial for every individual. Unforeseen events have been known to cost people everything in their bank accounts. Instead of taking this risk, consider purchasing a health insurance plan. Insurance can drastically decrease the amount you will spend on a prescription, or night in the hospital. Covered Read More >>

Tax Credits For Small Businesses!

As a small business employer, are you aware of the health care tax credit that you are authorized to take advantage of? Under the Affordable Care Act you are able to claim certain tax credits if you fit the following criteria: Employ less than 25 full-time workers Spend less than $50,000 annually on wages Cover Read More >>