Covered California Basics

Regardless of your health status, health insurance is incredibly beneficial for every individual. Unforeseen events have been known to cost people everything in their bank accounts. Instead of taking this risk, consider purchasing a health insurance plan. Insurance can drastically decrease the amount you will spend on a prescription, or night in the hospital.

Covered California is a program that can provide you with an inexpensive or free health care plan. There are multiple offers to choose from in order to make sure that all of your health care needs are met.

Some individuals may have health insurance through their employer. If this is the case, you too will see an increase in your coverage due to the Affordable Care Act. The ACA was instituted in order to keep you covered if you ever lose your job, and the health insurance that came with it.

If you have a family to worry about, Covered California will provide you with a plethora of budget-friendly, and comprehensive options. The amount of financial help you receive will be based on your income. You can visit the Covered California website to get an estimate of how much your ideal health plan will cost.

Covered California also provides health plans to small businesses. If you are a small business owner worried about managing all of the administrative duties that come with providing an employee health plan to your employees, do not fret! The Covered California website can assist you with conveniently comparing different forms of coverage.

If you would like to speak to an expert about your employee health plan, please contact the experienced professionals at the Pacific Group, located in Laguna Hills. We are the most trusted full-service employee benefits brokerage in California, and will not sleep until every last one of your needs are met!