Creating The Perfect Workplace Wellness Program

How to Build a Workplace Wellness Program

Creating a workplace wellness program helps to build the foundation of a healthy culture throughout the entire company. It does not matter if the program starts with only a few, small health promotion activities, or starts with a large formal rollout, any wellness program is the best way to start a healthy, cultural shift at your company.

Having a solid wellness team to lead can help pave the way to motivate all employees to make healthy, positive choices. Having members of your team become ambassadors of health will inspire involvement, which will help to support the longevity and success of the complete program.

There is no way to determine how much employee participation will happen with a wellness program. For any employees that are already focused on living a healthy lifestyle, enacting a wellness program will help to reinforce their efforts while also providing new health enhancement opportunities. There will also be employees who refuse to participate in the program no matter what. It is important to take these employees needs into special consideration, and not push them into anything that they do not want to do. Employees throughout your company are at different stages of readiness to start improving their health. Having the right wellness team and program in place can help to motivate these employees to take control of their lifestyle.

Providing ongoing assessments for employees will help to maintain the overall wellness efforts. Make sure to have a plan in place to regularly evaluate the entire program, and be willing to make changes to incentives or activities based on feedback from employees.

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