An organization’s greatest resource is its people. Every organization wants employees who are committed, productive and conscientious. For employees to perform at their highest level, they must feel valued. A combination of factors contribute to the employee’s sense of value, and one of these – effective communication – is absolutely essential.

Communication helps to build relationships, promote mutual understanding, and enables employees to contribute to organizational success. High-performing organizations focus communications on helping employees understand their business, its values and culture, its progress toward goals, and how employees can improve performance. From a benefits perspective, it is vital that employees know what choices are available to them and their families. A great benefits program is useless without the ability to accurately convey that program to employees in an understandable manner.

At Filice Insurance, we understand the value of a multi-faceted benefits communication strategy, and specialize in working with our clients to educate employees about their benefits options in the ways that work best for the workforce.

For example, our in-house IT department builds customized websites where employees can access all information about their benefits. We create the website according to each client’s specifications, creating an anytime resource employees can use instead of having to go to Human Resources or make a phone call.

We also have our very own mobile app here at Filice, where clients can access plan information at the push of a button on their smart phone.