Everything You Need To Know About Voluntary Benefits!

The term “voluntary benefits” refers to the benefits that workers may choose to buy through their employer that are not included in the group health plan. These benefits even come with discounted rates! Some of the most common forms of voluntary benefits are dental, vision, disability, supplemental health, life, and cancer insurance policies.

These benefits allow employees to only pay for the extra benefits that they need. When an employee chooses to purchase these voluntary benefits, the money goes straight to them! This allows them to use the money however they see fit. The money will simply be deducted from their paycheck as to avoid a complicated payment process.

Some voluntary benefits such as disability insurance, or loss of income insurance can provide a great deal of financial security. Unforeseen events have the potential to drain a person’s bank account. Therefore, providing these voluntary benefits to employees is a great thing. Having the option to purchase voluntary benefits can also drastically protect a person’s health! The option to have an eye or dental exam once a year is something that your employees may otherwise not be able to have.

If you offer these benefits to your employees, you are sure to see an increase in loyalty to your company. Your employees will feel valued, and taken care of.
Voluntary benefits are flexible, and there is a benefit to meet every employee’s different needs. If you would like to speak to an employee benefit expert, please contact the number one full-service employee benefits brokerage firm in California, the Pacific Group! We have the skills necessary to help you excellently manage your employee benefits, and keep your costs under control. We are located in Laguna Hills, and are eagerly waiting to assist you with anything you may need!