How To Initiate Workplace Wellness!

Positive lifestyle changes constitute for 25% of employee health costs! As an employer, you probably would love a 25% decrease in your spending. This is exactly why encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the workplace is important! Companies who incorporate wellness programs see both an increase in employee loyalty, and an increase in employee happiness. Here are a few benefits you may see if you make the smart decision to institute an office wellness program:

  • Decreased health care costs- Individuals who are at a lower risk for disease will cost you less to insure!
  • Decreased disability expenses and workers’ compensation costs- Healthy employees are less likely to get hurt on the job.
  • Increased employee attendance during workweek- When your workers are in good health, they will not need to skip work for as many sick days, or doctor’s visits.
  • Increased efficiency of workers- When your employees are healthier, there are less distractions taking away from their job. They will be better able to focus on the task at hand.
  • Increased morale- Workers will be happier to work for you if they physically feel good.

Now, you may be wondering how to go about instituting a wellness program in your office! Here are few recommendations:

  • Encourage healthy eating by reexamining your company’s cafeteria menu!
  • Encourage your employees to walk during their breaks or lunch hours.
  • Supply enough drinking water in convenient spaces throughout your office to encourage hydration.
  • Print out nutritional information to hang near your vending and soda machines.
  • Hang a BMI chart in the office so that employees can gauge whether or not they need to make a serious lifestyle change.

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