Workplace Wellness Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Workplace Wellness Trends

As the first month of 2015 comes to an end, it is the perfect time to look at workplace wellness trends to see how your company compares to other businesses. Keep these trends in mind for 2015 to ensure that your company is creating the best culture possible for all of your employees.

  • Not everyone is the same – all employees do not think the same when it comes to the perfect work environment. Offering various areas to work in will help to ensure that all of your employees are able to be as productive as possible.
  • Control and choice – creating a space that has different zones allows your employees the option to move around throughout the day while still getting tasks accomplished. Allowing your employees to work from home when it makes sense will also help to improve the overall attitude and productivity of the team.
  • Employee wellbeing – the wellbeing of all of your employees should be a top priority. Providing nutritious snacks, water, and moving workstations will not only help your employees be more productive, but it will also keep them healthy and happy.
  • Seating styles – there are many different seating styles that are available that go beyond the traditional office chair. Seating areas that allow team members to brainstorm different ideas together or work on a solo project will allow employees the control that is necessary for professionals.
  • Movement – it is almost impossible to read an article about the office that does not touch on all the negatives that are associated with sitting stationary for eight hours a day. Encourage all of your employees to get up and get moving, whether it is for a walking meeting or a fitness competition between all the employees.

For more tips on how to incorporate workplace wellness trends into your business and for information on how it can positively affect your health insurance and group benefit plans, contact Pacific Group in Laguna Hills, California.