Social media can be a solution to benefits communication challenges like reaching diverse audiences, budget and making complex information clear. Here’s how:

Expanded reach

Utilizing social media can help companies expand their reach. Though some employees may still expect printed materials, many would prefer to read a post online or watch a video. Additionally, considering the amount of personal time many employees spend daily on social networks, it makes sense to target them there as well.

Budget friendly

Budget can be another hurdle for benefits communication efforts. Social media provides an avenue for employers to reach employees without spending large amounts of money.

Strong connections

Benefits information can be overwhelming and complex, so it’s easy to gloss over or ignore. Using social media, such as posting videos to Facebook® or tweeting reminders, makes benefits information more relatable and personable—and employees are more likely to pay attention and understand.

Social media is a flexible, low-cost way to connect with employees and, being interactive, offers the added advantage of two-way communication.

Benefits communication encompasses many topics. Employers need to promote open enrollment, educate employees about plan changes, explain how to use the plan, promote consumerism and more. Social media helps break down this overload of information into easy-to-digest posts and reminders. Posting updates throughout the year can provide valuable reminders to employees about using their benefits wisely.