2016 IRS Reporting

Applicable large employers are required, under Section 6056 of the Internal Revenue Code, to report to the IRS information about the health care coverage, if any, they offered to full-time employees. These employers also are required to furnish related statements to employees.

The definition of an applicable large employer is an employer that employed, on average, at least 50 full-time employees (including full-time equivalents) during the prior calendar year.

The provision takes effect in 2016 for the 2015 calendar year. The deadlines are:

  • Section 6056 returns must be filed by February 28 (March 31 if filed electronically) of the year after the calendar year to which the return relates. ​

Due to the one-year transition relief, the first section 6056 returns are required for the 2015 calendar year and must be filed no later than March 1, 2016 (since February 28, 2016, is a Sunday), or March 31, 2016, if filed electronically.

  • Employee statements for each calendar year must be furnished to full-time employees by January 31 of the next calendar year.

The first section 6056 employee statements (meaning the statements for 2015) must be furnished no later than February 1, 2016 (since January 31, 2016, is a Sunday).

Extensions may be available in certain circumstances. The IRS is expected to release draft forms in the near future.