Designing a health benefit plan that works for your employees while also helping you drive your business forward is critical. Today’s health care landscape makes that easier said than done. Rising costs, an aging workforce, poor employee health and an ever-increasing number of federal and state regulations make it challenging to find a plan that reduces overall costs while maintaining health and wellness.

That’s where Pacific Group Insurance comes in. We’re well versed in the intricacies of the myriad of plans available. Plus we know how to use your employee data to pinpoint the plan design that will give you the most return for your investment in health benefits.

Pacific Group delivers strategies backed by data you can use to make informed decisions to control costs and address the health conditions within your population.

Information is power

Tailoring your benefits plan to the specific needs of your organization is key to managing costs. Workplace wellness programs, employee health data, and competitor benchmarking data are also valuable considerations when designing the most effective and efficient plan. Pacific Group leverages our proprietary health technology to translate complex claims and health data, pinpointing effective ways to decrease costs by improving outcomes.

Engaging employees

At Pacific Group, we also work with you to develop a contribution strategy that matches your objectives. We will show you how contributions can motivate employee behavior and provide incentives towards better health. We’ll also demonstrate how you can strategically align your contributions to influence the selection of the plan options.

Find out how cost control, exceptional benefits and healthy employees can all be yours.