Tax Credits For Small Businesses!

As a small business employer, are you aware of the health care tax credit that you are authorized to take advantage of? Under the Affordable Care Act you are able to claim certain tax credits if you fit the following criteria: Employ less than 25 full-time workers Spend less than $50,000 annually on wages Cover Read More >>

Private Or Public Exchanges…Which Is Right For Your Business?

Offering health care through private exchanges is becoming increasingly popular among employers. Almost 3 million Americans have registered for health care through private exchanges during the year 2014, surpassing the estimated amount by almost 3 times! What is a private or public exchange? Any exchange is an internet-based health coverage market where individuals can online-shop Read More >>

Have You Heard About “The Grandmothering Act”?

The Affordable Care Act instated new requirements that all health insurance policies had to meet. As a consequence, many people were forced to cancel their policy at the end of this year in order to find more appropriate policies that comply with the new requirements. A few of the group health plans were allowed to Read More >>