5 Important Issues to Monitor in 2017

New administrations bring new challenges to the professional realm, and the Trump administration is no exception. Many of the former administration’s health care initiatives are being rolled back or halted. This leaves employers in an uncertain place in regard to compliance regulations and reform laws. This uncertainty comes in addition to the already complicated day-to-day Read More >>

Ebola And Enterovirus: How Will Your Health Insurance Be Affected?

If you have had a cough or the sniffles for a few days, you are not alone! We are currently in the middle of cold and flu season! The incidence of Ebola seems to be increasing every day. With all of these illnesses floating around, it is important to understand how your insurance would be Read More >>

2015 Open Enrollment, Explained!

Have you taken a few moments to think about how you like your current health insurance? If there is anything you would like to change, now is the time to figure it out. Open enrollment 2015 will soon be nipping at our heels! It really pays off to be prepared! You will save yourself a Read More >>