Wellness Is Just A Download Away: 4 Must-Have Apps!

With health care costs on the rise, we should all be trying our hardest to get in shape, and cut back on unhealthy habits! This can be difficult when you are working long hours, or have many after-hour commitments. How can you focus on wellness when you are always on the go? Luckily, there are Read More >>

Positive Effects of Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Running a small business is much more than just making sure you make the most money possible. It also requires that you are attentive to your employees and their health needs. Promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace will not only benefit your employees, but it will also help to benefit the company as a whole. Read More >>

Covered California Basics

Regardless of your health status, health insurance is incredibly beneficial for every individual. Unforeseen events have been known to cost people everything in their bank accounts. Instead of taking this risk, consider purchasing a health insurance plan. Insurance can drastically decrease the amount you will spend on a prescription, or night in the hospital. Covered Read More >>