2016 Benefits Trends So Far

As the second half of 2016 begins, it is important to look at the benefits industry trends that have emerged thus far. Acknowledging and responding to these trends can help you recruit and retain talented employees and help you position yourself for a more productive 2017. Trend 1: Telemedicine Fueled by technological advances and consumer Read More >>

5 Important HR Issues to Monitor for 2016

Employers have new challenges to contend with in 2016, resulting from Supreme Court decisions, federal and state legislation, and actions by federal regulatory agencies. There is a real cost for employers who fail to comply with new laws. For Example, the most recent Performance Accountability Report for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), states that Read More >>

Private Or Public Exchanges…Which Is Right For Your Business?

Offering health care through private exchanges is becoming increasingly popular among employers. Almost 3 million Americans have registered for health care through private exchanges during the year 2014, surpassing the estimated amount by almost 3 times! What is a private or public exchange? Any exchange is an internet-based health coverage market where individuals can online-shop Read More >>