Questions To Ask Your Employer When Your Health Plan Changes

Ask Your Employer For Answers To These Important Health Insurance Questions Open enrollment 2015 is in full swing! If you have a health plan sponsored by your employer, it may be smart to expect a few changes. At this time, employers will begin to evaluate their current and future health care needs, and may switch Read More >>

Reimbursement Options To Help You Afford The Care Provided By The ACA

How To Get The “Affordable” Out Of The Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act instituted in 2014 made it so that each state was required to open a health insurance exchange to make health care plans available to all individuals and small business owners. The marketplace offers individuals the opportunity to compare and contrast Read More >>

The One-Year Anniversary Of The ACA: How Have Premiums Been Affected?

A Look At Premium Differences Across The Years Many individuals across the country are interested in tracking how the Affordable Care Act has affected health insurance premiums. With the one-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act currently upon us, it is a great time to examine the differences in health insurance premium costs between 2014 Read More >>