Salary-based Health Insurance Premiums

Employee health insurance premiums at most companies differ only by family size and type of plan (for example, deductible amount). At some companies, though, another factor is taken into account—salary. Meaning that employees who earn less, pay lower insurance premiums. Several companies like GE and Pitney Bowes have based insurance premiums on employees’ salaries for Read More >>

How Grandmothering can Benefit Small Businesses

With all the new health care plans and changes, it can be difficult to make sure you’re offering the right health insurance policies for your employees. If you own a small business, the new grandmothering bill can help to give you the extra time needed to ensure that you’re offering the right policies. If your Read More >>

Positive Effects of Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Running a small business is much more than just making sure you make the most money possible. It also requires that you are attentive to your employees and their health needs. Promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace will not only benefit your employees, but it will also help to benefit the company as a whole. Read More >>