The One-Year Anniversary Of The ACA: How Have Premiums Been Affected?

A Look At Premium Differences Across The Years

Many individuals across the country are interested in tracking how the Affordable Care Act has affected health insurance premiums. With the one-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act currently upon us, it is a great time to examine the differences in health insurance premium costs between 2014 and 2015! Many of the observable differences depend on where in the country you are looking at, and which metal level you are observing. Certain areas have experienced a huge increase, while others have seen a huge decrease.

As a nation, health insurance premiums increased by 2% for silver plans, and 4% for bronze plans. However, if you examine premiums in Alaska, you will find a huge increase of 28%! Other locations such as Colorado have experienced a decrease in premiums by 45%.

As far as Southern California is concerned, the average change in silver premiums is anywhere from 0-10%. It will be interesting to note the changes in health insurance premium prices as the Affordable Care Act gains additional years of implementation. If you would like assistance with a group health plan for your employees, contacting an experienced insurance agent is the best step you can take.

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