Which benefits have the biggest effect on employee retention?

Attracting and retaining employees is a constant struggle especially in a post-pandemic world. Below are a few things to consider when creating a benefits package that will help recruit top talent:

Health Insurance
This is the top traditional benefit requirement of nearly every employee and potential hire. By offering generous health benefits, employers can compete for top talent.

Dental and Vision Insurance
Many insurance plans don’t include dental and vision. These added policies are enticing, especially for employees with a family.

Life Insurance
Some insurance plans do not offer life insurance. Most employees want to be covered to ensure the well-being of their families. Employers offering life insurance will gain a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

Flexible Work Schedules
The ability to create a flexible work schedule is an important consideration for employees. Employers looking to attract and retain employees, expanding work from home or hybrid work models to include flexible work schedules could provide great leverage.

Wellness Programs
Wellness is a hot topic these days! This can take a variety of forms from discounted gym memberships to weight loss classes or providing healthy snacks. These programs have the added benefit of potentially lowering the cost of health insurance.

Retirement Planning
Most employees are seeking a 401(k) plan that includes employer contributions. Offering a 401(k) with contribution matching can be a powerful attraction and retention tool, as it demonstrates an employer’s investment in their workers in the long term.

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