Creating a Culture of Health

Building a worksite wellness program lays the foundation for creating a culture of health within a company. Whether the program starts out small with a few health promotion activities or goes big with a formal rollout, establishing a wellness team is the fastest way to achieve the culture shift.

A solid wellness team leads the way, motivating other employees to make positive, healthy choices. Team members become ambassadors of health and inspire involvement, which in turn supports the success and longevity of any wellness program.

Establish a workplace wellness team to inspire and motivate employees to engage in their health.

You can expect a range of employee participation in your wellness program. For employees already active and focused on health, the program will be valuable in reinforcing their efforts and providing new opportunities for health enhancement.

On the other end of the spectrum will be people who may not engage no matter what you do. In most organizations, the majority of employees are those at various stages of readiness to improve their health. Having a wellness team in place is the best means to motivate this group to take action.

Ongoing assessments are another great tool in maintaining your wellness efforts. Make a plan to evaluate the program on a regular basis, and make changes to activities or incentives based on employee response. Also consider what information it makes sense to include in your employee handbook to further integrate a culture of health and wellness in your organization.