Financial Health

As an employer, you can help your employees cope with their financial problems and improve their financial situations. Consider offering financial benefits, including educational materials, resources for those needing advice or assistance, and classes to teach basic to advanced financial wellness. Many employees have surprisingly little knowledge about managing finances, so simply offering education can be a huge benefit.

Because finances are on the forefront of so many people’s minds, especially in this economy, employees will appreciate any financial benefits offered by their employer, and it will likely raise employee morale and satisfaction.

Financial education should also be integrated with discussions about health care to encourage more savvy health care consumers. Once employees learn ways to save money, they will be more likely to be prudent in their health care expenditures, participate in consumer-directed health plans, consider mail-order prescriptions and take advantage of preventive care. This education will save both employees and the company significant money on health care. Plus, having financial peace of mind, or even a feeling of controlling one’s finances, will significantly reduce an employee’s stress level, which will improve his or her overall health, along with improving focus, attitude and performance at work. Financial wellness can support your overall wellness initiatives by promoting healthier behaviors and attitudes in all aspects of life – yielding happier, healthier employees.